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Have your dream garden created.
Tell us about your project today.

Garden landscaping

Do you have an idea to change your garden or do you already have a garden design? Amsterdam Hoveniers creates the desired garden for you. 

If you have not yet had a garden design made by Amsterdam Hoveniers, then we make an appointment to measure and discuss your garden. This way we get an idea of the garden wishes and possibilities and together we come up with a plan for the landscaping. 

The construction of a garden starts with clearing out the existing garden. The garden is then laid out by professional and experienced gardeners.


In addition to an entire garden layout, Amsterdam Hoveniers also lays out parts of the garden separately. Scroll down to see what options are available. 

Please contact us for more information. 

Options for your project

Image by Claudio Schwarz


Amsterdam Hoveniers places custom-made fences,   hedges and other (green) fences. 



Amsterdam Hoveniers lays out the terrace at the desired location and shape in the garden. Do you want a modern terrace or a cottage garden terrace? Contact us for the possibilities.

Image by Cameron Smith


Amsterdam Hoveniers makes custom-made decking with a choice of different types of wood and composite. 

Image by frame harirak

Irrigation and drainage

Do you have too much or too little water in the garden? Amsterdam Hoveniers installs both irrigation installations and drainage systems.

wild Flowers


Amsterdam Hoveniers creates borders in various shapes, sizes and elevations. The planting is also taken care of. 

Image by Taylor Smith

Hardening - semi-hardening

Amsterdam Hoveniers has a wide range of tiles for paving. But also paved surfaces such as Graffier d'Or paths or pebbles are possible.

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